MOBILE, Ala. (Aug. 26, 2016) – With water finally subsiding, south Louisiana residents affected by recent flooding must now begin to deal with the devastating damage left behind. As the cleanup and recovery process gets underway, 38-year veteran Home Expert, Danny Lipford, weighs-in with key advice for those affected.

Lipford suggests homeowners approach the recovery process by organizing needs into immediate, short-term and long-term categories. “Flooding events certainly take their toll on homes and homeowners,” he says. “It’s easy for people feel helpless and overwhelmed. Many just don’t know where to begin, so having a list, and starting with the basics, is always a good first step.”

First on Lipford’s immediate list is assessing the home’s electrical and home comfort systems. If floodwaters covered any electrical outlets, heating/cooling equipment or ductwork, those systems should not be used until they are checked out by a qualified professional. Other immediate steps include:

  • Contacting insurance company. Take photos of all damage.
  • Reducing home’s relative humidity level to under 50%. This begins the “drying out” process and can be accomplished using portable fans around the home, running ceiling fans and using dehumidifiers.
  • Removing anything wet to the outside of the home. If water exceeded a couple of inches, drywall will need to be removed and discarded.

Once those items are covered, Lipford recommends tackling the short-term list:

  • Cleaning. Homeowners should wipe down all walls and surfaces, including any exposed framing, with an antimicrobial solution. This is an important step to ward off mold and mildew which, if unchecked, can lead to health problems.
  • Make a complete list of all damaged property/belongings and forward to insurance company.

  • And finally, Lipford advises homeowners to add these projects to their long-term to-do list:
  • Remove debris and clean all gutters/downspouts. This will help prevent future water intrusion.
  • Have sump pumps inspected for damage.
  • Have the foundation inspected. Flooding can often cause erosion around a home’s foundation, so getting a professional to evaluate any damage is key.

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