MOBILE, Ala. (Sept. 20, 2016) – Host of the nationally-syndicated Today’s Homeowner TV show, Danny Lipford, hosted a satellite media event at his Mobile, AL, studio earlier today to launch the Fall edition of his “4 Seasons of Home Ownership” initiative. The “4 Seasons of Home Ownership” is the ultimate guide for homeowners, providing comprehensive, detailed advice on every aspect of home care and maintenance.

Lipford remarks throughout his remodeling career, he’s worked with many people who have never been exposed to the basics. “The ‘4 Seasons of Home Ownership’ delivers what every homeowner needs to be confident in caring for their biggest investment, in an easy and digestible format,” he says. “People love the convenience of having a simple checklist to follow and know they can always turn to TodaysHomeowner.com 24/7 for even more insight and advice.”

During the live media event, Lipford connected with more than 20 TV and radio hosts across the country giving his top recommendations for fall fix-ups around the house. A broadcast-ready media clip from the event, Fall checklist and infographic are available for download. Taken straight from the Fall “4 Seasons of Home Ownership” checklist, he discussed ways to freshen interiors, improve energy efficiency and prepare the home for cooler temperatures ahead.

The fall season brings lots of opportunities for entertaining, from football games to the start of holiday gatherings. Lipford’s top picks for sprucing up some of the often overlooked areas of the home include:

  • Adding a fresh coat of paint to the trim and walls in 1-2 rooms of the home. According to Lipford, anyone can achieve professional results with the right tools. He introduced viewers to FrogTape®, a specialized painter’s tape with PaintBlock® Technology. The tape is designed to react with the water in latex paint and form a micro-barrier seal, preventing bleed through and ensuring any paint job ends up with the sharpest, cleanest lines possible.
  • Replacing worn or discolored caulk. Homeowners should inspect tubs, sinks and toilets to ensure joints have a tight, waterproof seal. This immediately brightens the space for guests and wards off problems with mold and mildew.
  • Cleaning and deodorizing the dishwasher. Lipford recommends using white vinegar to clean the filter, spray arms and seal twice each year.

Energy saving projects are another popular feature in the Fall edition of the “4 Seasons of Home Ownership”. Lipford’s suggestions for improving efficiency include:

  • Sealing the envelope of the home. “Adding up all of the cracks and crevices in the average home is equivalent to having a 3’ x 3’ hole in the wall,” he says. “The good news, is there are a few simple projects homeowners can easily tackle to eliminate leaks and see an immediate difference in comfort and energy savings.” Lipford demonstrated several DIY products from Duck Brand designed to button-up windows, doors and other areas of the home that are often subject to drafts. In addition, he suggests using caulk and expandable foam to fill in any outdoor cracks around windows, hose bibs and other protrusions.
  • Draining and flushing the water heater. According to Lipford, many homeowners don’t realize that over time, impurities settle and cause water heaters to operate less efficiently. Attaching a regular garden hose to the drain and fully emptying the water heater will remove sediment and prolong the life of the appliance.

Finally, Lipford advised viewers to take advantage of mild Fall temperatures to prepare their homes for extreme cold and severe weather that winter brings.

  • Guard against fire. According to the National Fire Protection Association, the majority of home fires take place during December, January and February. That’s why Lipford’s fall to-do list includes evaluating fire safety equipment. Fully charging fire extinguishers and testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important chores to take care of now.
  • Add insulation. With a cooler attic, fall is the best time to add another layer of insulation. Lipford introduced viewers to stone wool insulation from ROXUL. Not only does it help prevent ice dams and energy loss, it also plays an important role in a home’s fire safety. Since it’s made from stone, the insulation is resistant to fire, delaying its spread.
  • Don’t ignore the outdoors. Lipford advises homeowners to trim back dead tree limbs now to avoid potential safety issues with frozen limbs causing problems later. In addition, he suggests draining the lawn irrigation system to avoid damage caused by frozen water left in the lines.

Lipford’s complete “4 Seasons of Home Ownership” Fall edition checklist and interactive infographic can be downloaded at TodaysHomeowner.com/4Seasons/Fall.

The media tour reached an audience of 20 million and was sponsored by Today’s Homeowner and home improvement brands FrogTape®, Duck® brand and ROXUL®. The Winter installment for the “4 Seasons of Home Ownership” is set to launch December 13.

The 4 Seasons of Home Ownership

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