Allen Lyle with an HE series ventilation system from Broan.

Allen Lyle with an HE series ventilation system from Broan.

MOBILE, Ala. (Oct. 4, 2016) – Allen Lyle, Co-host of the nationally-syndicated Today’s Homeowner TV and radio show, hosted a satellite media event today to raise awareness about indoor air quality. With homes being sealed up tighter than ever before, it’s common for the air inside the average house to become 5-10 times more polluted than outdoors. During the event, titled “Clearing the Air,” Lyle discussed common causes for poor air quality and offered practical solutions to maintain a healthy home.

Lyle connected with 22 TV and radio hosts across the country with his healthy-home advice. “Homeowners today are concerned about energy efficiency, so they’re taking steps to seal up every nook and cranny. The downside is that it’s become harder to remove pollutants created inside the home,” he says. “Having adequate ventilation in place is the key to keeping indoor air healthy.”

Lyle kicked-off the event in the kitchen which is a common source of indoor air pollution. He explained that a home’s regular heating and cooling system and air filters aren’t enough to handle the heavy pollutant load that kitchens produce. He indicated kitchens need additional spot ventilation in order to remove fumes, grease and other carcinogens created in the cooking process. “The vent hood is the workhorse of any kitchen in terms of maintaining healthy air,” Lyle says. He introduced viewers to the Elite RM 520000 vent hood from Broan, which offers quiet yet powerful air flow to remove pollutants, and explained how homeowners can choose the proper vent size and style for their kitchens.

Another room in need of spot ventilation, Lyle explained, is the bathroom. As the biggest source of moisture in the home, bathrooms often breed mold and mildew which negatively impact air quality. Lyle suggests installing a properly sized vent fan to pull moisture out of the bathroom and maintain healthy air. “Vent fans have come a long way,” he says. “Broan has some terrific options in their Ultra Green line with new features including lights, speakers, and even automatic humidity sensors that kick on as needed.” He cautioned homeowners to ensure that vents are exhausted all the way to the outside of the home to avoid mold problems in the attic.

Finally, Lyle introduced viewers to one of the newest trends in creating healthy indoor air, whole house balanced ventilation. This type of ventilation, like the Fresh Air Systems from Broan, works in conjunction with existing heating and cooling units. All of the air in a home passes through a central core, which filters impurities and adjusts humidity and temperature, producing a healthier quality air for families.

Lyle rounded out the event by offering several additional DIY tips to improve indoor air quality:

  • Using electrostatic filters for heating and cooling system, and change regularly.
  • Introducing live plants in the home to naturally process carbon dioxide and clean the air.
  • Storing all products containing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) outdoors, or in air-tight containers indoors.

The media tour was sponsored by Today’s Homeowner and BROAN®. A broadcast-ready clip is available to the media.

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